Martin Balaz studied at the University of Matej Bel and his major subjects were philosophy and history.
Presently, he works as a professional photographer with the main focus on documenting events and this is his long term goal.
His images and photo essays are being published in Slovak and international magazines, mostly from the middle Asian countries.
Also, his photo stories are regularly displayed at exhibitions, whether his own or with other photographers.

Published works
-          in Slovak magazines and newspapers such as: Goldmann, Plus 7 dni, Slovenka, Nota Bene, Foreign policy, Pravda and Integration.
-          In the Czech Republic he published in travel magazines: Cestopisy and Lide a Zeme.
-          In United Kingdom his photo stories were presented in the magazine Open Central Asia and magazine Geographical.
Martin’s works were also published in public relations materials of the European parliament and United Nations.


FEP European Photographer of the year 2017 - category Reportage - finalist

Slovak press photo 2016 - category Nature 3rd place

HUMANITY PHOTO AWARD 2013  - finalist,
FOTO ROKA, Slovakia 2010 – finalist,
FOTO ROKA, Slovakia 2008 – winner,
The best calendars in Slovakia: Special jury award for my chosen humanitarian topic and its portrayal

Undiscovered Slovakia - 3rd place in the competition organized by the GEO magazine,

His key photo essays that are covered from the long term are:

„Closed society“ – nursing houses
”City of blind” – Levoca                 
„Ora et Labora“ (Pray and work) – Institute of the Christ the Priest
„Middle Asia“ – covered various topics in Kirgizstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
 „Genius loci – village Topolcianky“